The Consell will collaborate with Vallada to alleviate its debt of 25 million euros, the highest in the Region

The Generalitat Valenciana and the City Council of Vallada (Valencia) have agreed to establish channels of joint help and collaboration in the face of the situation that this municipality, currently the most indebted in the Region and the fifth nationwide with a hole of 25 million euros, which means 8,100 euros per capita and a debt of around 800 percent, as reported by the Consell in a statement.

With this intention, the Minister of Finance and Economic Model, Vicent Soler, and the Minister of Sustainable Economy, Productive Sectors, Trade and Labor, Rafael Climent, met Thursday with members of the local government of Vallada to see firsthand the debt that supports this locality of the coastal region, with around 3,000 inhabitants.

The regional secretary of the Treasury, Clara Ferrando, also participated in the meeting, which she pointed out when concluding that the situation that Vallada is going through is “really unsustainable, with a huge amount of debt for a municipality of these dimensions”. Therefore, it considers that, with the financial burden of 25 million euros of debt, the City “is totally blocked and unable to undertake necessary actions in the town.”

Faced with this case of “extreme urgency”, Ferrando has advanced that the Government will “act as an interlocutor” with the Ministry of Finance with the objective that the department headed by Cristóbal Montoro “arbitrate a formula that does not drop municipalities that can not to face their debt even if they want “, while the Ministry of Finance” will exercise its powers in matters of financial protection “.

“Neighbors do not have to pay the consequences no matter how much their mayors have mismanaged resources in the past,” he said.

In the same line, from the Vallada City Council do not rule out requesting an audit to detect “possible irregularities of the previous local administration”, which will present to the Comptroller’s Office. In addition, it will explore the different lines of subsidies of all the consellerias so as not to paralyze municipal management, as explained by the mayor Mª José Tortosa.

Looking ahead, the regional secretary has highlighted that the debt currently supported by Vallada “enjoys a deficiency that expires in 2018”, when the State “will begin to collect as principal creditor about 2.9 million euros annually,” when ” all the municipal budget amounts to only 2.6 million “and of which” almost one million goes to subsidize the residence of the third age “of the municipality.


On the large debt borne by the municipality, the autonomous head of finance has ensured that “derives from the desire to undertake ‘megaloprojects’ that characterized the governments of the Popular Party.”

Thus, it has denounced that, in 2007, the municipal corporation that governed the consistory of Vallada “embarked on the project that was initially called La Mar de Dins and derived in Valpark”, an initiative of logistic park “of enormous proportions for the capacity the municipality that left him in a serious situation “.

In the same way, Clara Ferrando has indicated that the previous local government “also embarked on the urbanization of 1.3 million square meters for a project that included a dry port for the ships of the Copa América, a sailing school or a shipyard 80 kilometers from the sea. ” The City Council “assumed the purchase of land that was never put up by the developers, who subsequently declared themselves bankrupt,” he added.


In this regard, the mayor has criticized that “the then president of the Diputación de Valencia, Fernando Giner, with the explicit approval of Francisco Camps-ex-president of the Generalitat-mortgaged the future of our children with a project of a regional nature that clearly exceeded the municipal logic “, in relation to Valpark. “It’s as if a locality took charge of the costs of the works of the AVE when passing through its municipality,” he illustrated.

“Faced with the life sentence to which the debt and the rescue of the State have condemned our people, the City Council and the Generalitat work hand in hand to put the resources of Vallada to the service of the neighbors and not to the payment of an unjust debt “Tortosa has claimed.

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